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The Black Velvet Band - The Black Velvet Band
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Black Velvet Band performing

Who We Are

Experience, Diversity, Professionalism

One of the premier dance and show bands in the Boston area, the BVB has entertained audiences for over 30 years.  With new members and an updated sound, the BVB maintains its long-standing appeal while gaining new fans at each performance. 

The Black Velvet Band features guitars, keyboards, fiddle and drums, and performs as a three- to six-piece ensemble depending on the type of event.  All our members contribute lead and background vocals to provide a full and diverse sound, along with a range of vocal stylings and arrangements.  

A Brief History

The BVB was started some 30 years ago by the late Bart Lee. Band members have brought a variety of Irish and American music influences, including experience playing with some of the legends of the Boston Irish Music circuit - Mike Connolly, Larry Reynolds, George Shanley, Joe Joyce, Jimmy Kelly, Mike Reynolds, and others. The Band has opened for international performers like Paddy Reilly, Hal Roach, members of the Clancy family, and Natalie McMaster, and has performed throughout New England and New York. We remember our departed bandmates Bart Lee, Tom Hedrick and Skip Hughes, and recognize the contributions of our other band alumni.

Our current band is led by Tim Quinn and Paul MacDonald, who each have been with the Black Velvet Band for over 25 years. 

The Best Choice for Your Next Event

That's why the Black Velvet Band enjoys such a great reputation and following. Our flexibility and large musical variety is unique among local Irish bands. At your next dance, social, party or concert installment, wouldn't you rather enjoy what you want to hear rather than what the band wants to play?

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